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Excellent news here at the Creek everyone!

We here at Lost Creek are LONGtime fans of the Bloomington, Indiana band Murder By Death. They possess a haunting, earthy quality to their songs, and they just draw you in, you can't avoid it.  Listening to MBD can be like sitting down by a fire with an old drifter, to listen to the most beautiful ghost story you ever heard.

Murder By Death: Matthew Taylor Armstrong, Sarah Jackson Balliet, Scott Andrew Brackett, Adam Michael Turla, and Dagan Thogerson

In fact, their song “Lost River” (one of director Colin's personal favorites) was a major source of inspiration for the plot of Lost Creek itself.  "Lost River" can be found on Murder By Death's 2012 album, Biter Drink, Bitter Moon.

Beautiful Album Cover for MBD's Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon

And that's why it's so exciting for us to announce...

Murder By Death has graciously agreed to allow us to include “Lost River” in the film!

We can't imagine anything better than sharing the song that inspired the movie THROUGH the movie. A heartfelt thanks to MBD from us here at Lost Creek.

We HIGHLY encourage you to check out more of this fantastic band. Here's their website:


And we definitely recommend that you head over to the following links where you can listen to and purchase “Lost River” on Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon, or any song from any Murder By Death album.  Please support this amazing band, go buy their music!  Right now!




Also, we'd like to express our thanks to Bloodshot Records, the fantastic label who helped us to arrange the use of this song in the film!  Check out this great label at their website:


A huge thanks again from us here at the Creek to this awesome band.  We're so excited to be able to include their music in the world of Lost Creek.  

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