Lost Creek - A Film by Colin Adams-Toomey

Welcome to Lost Creek.  Check out what's new.  Join us by the creek.  We've got a great ghost story, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

Festival time!

Hey guys!

Greetings from the Creek!  The season is changing.  Pumpkins are appearing, there's a bite in the air, the days are getting shorter...

It's almost the season of Halloween.  The season that belongs to Lost Creek, and those that haunt its waters.

And what better way to celebrate this Hallow's Eve than to watch Lost Creek at a horror film festival?!?!

The dark beings of Halloween and the spirits of that notorious haunted Creek are smiling upon you.  Just so happens we're going to be playing at some major amazing festivals!

PLEASE come check us out, you've got 2 chances coming this October:

First, check us out at the amazing FEARnyc Horror Film Festival in NYC on Sunday October 23rd at 3pm, at Cinema Village, Greenwich Village, NYC!  Q&A will follow directly after the film, and you will have a chance to meet Writer/Director Colin Adams-Toomey, Exec Producer/Co-Writer Dan John Witherall, Director of Photography Kevin Eikenberg, and the amazing 3 kid stars of the film: Oliver Stockman, Henry Stockman, and Brynna Bartoo!

For tickets and more info for FEARnyc, check out the website: http://www.fearnyc.com/

Second, we'll be playing at the amazing FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival in Orlando, Florida!  This long-running Horror film festival is one of the best in the US, named by MovieMaker as "one of the coolest in the world" and "one of the top 13 horror film festivals to die for."  It's truly great!

The schedule hasn't been announced yet, but you can check out more at their site: http://freakshowfilmfest.com/festival-info/

And that's just the beginning.  We're working hard on getting a wider release for Lost Creek.  Hopefully soon, it will come to your living room, so you can turn off the lights, huddle in a blanket (hopefully with some Halloween candy and your best friends) and watch us to your heart's content.

The harvest moon hangs heavy in the dark night sky, and the world is getting ready to draw up, close the curtains against the darkness outside.  But don't worry.  We'll be out there in that Halloween darkness with you.  That's our element.  That's where you'll find Peter, Bill, and especially Maggie.  Take our hand, follow us out into the dark woods, to the banks of the Creek.

We've got a great ghost story for you.  We've been working on it for so long.  And now you've got two great chances to hear it this Halloween season, more to come.  We hope you'll join us by the Creek.  We'll save a spot for you.

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