Lost Creek - A Film by Colin Adams-Toomey

Welcome to Lost Creek.  Check out what's new.  Join us by the creek.  We've got a great ghost story, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

 The Story of Lost Creek

Eleven-year-old Peter Rowland has just moved with his mother to the town of Brackenvale.  There he meets Maggie, a mysterious girl with whom he shares an instant bond.  As Peter settles into his new life, he realizes something is wrong in the town.  He is plagued by nightmares, and the scary things from his imagination are becoming more and more real with each passing night.  With Halloween coming soon, Maggie and Peter discover something frightening waits in the woods near Lost Creek.  They must band together to face their fears, and uncover the dark secret of Lost Creek before it's too late.  Come to the world of Lost Creek, and remember: childhood is a magical time, even when it's scary.  And it's always bittersweet when the adventure has to end.


Lost Creek is an independent film, and it's coming soon!  We're making it by bringing together an amazing group of talented artists.  Everyone involved in Lost Creek believes in sharing their talent to make something beautiful.  We're excited to share it with you.  But we need your help.  Please become part of the Lost Creek family: like us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (which you can do from this site), and help us spread the word far and wide.  Because it's people like you who make this possible.  Join us by the creek.  We've got a great ghost story, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

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